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This study set out to 这项研究的目的是

This paper has argued that ...这篇论文认为·

This essay has discussed the reasons for."这篇文章讨论了...的原因....

In this investigation,the aim was to assess."在这项调查中,目的是评估

The aim of the present research was to examine .".本研究的目的是检查

The main goal of the current study was to determine ."当前研究的主要目标是确定...

This project was undertaken to design ." and evaluate .该项目的是设计.....和评估...


This thesis has provided a deeper insight into .".本文提供了一个更深入的了解.

The study contributes to our understanding of ...这项研究有助于我们了解.

The insights gained from this study may be of assistance to...从这项研究中获得的见解可能

This work contributes to existing knowledge of X by providing 这项工作通过提供

The analysis of X undertaken here, has extended our knowledge of .此处对X 进行的分析扩展了我们对.....的认识


This study has identified 这项研究确定了

The research has also shown that.该研究还表明......

The second major finding was that ."第二个主要发现是

These experiments confirmed that .这些实验证实...

X made no significant difference to...X 对......没有显著性差异

This study has found that generally.."这项研究发现总体上

The investigation of X has shown that ..对 X 的调查表明..

Multiple regression analysis revealed that the ...多元回归分析显示

One of the more significant findings to emerge from this study is that ...从这项研究中得出的更重要的发现之一是


Alimitation of this study is that.."这项研究的局限性在于

Being limited to X,this study lacks 仅限于 X,这项研究缺乏

The major limitation of this study is the ".这项研究的主要局限性是..

This study was limited by the absence of ..这项研究受到缺乏.

The scope of this study was limited in terms of ...本研究的范围在.....方面受到限制

An additional uncontrolled factor is the possibility that "-另一个不受控制的因素是.的可能性


The question raised by this study is...这项研究提出 的问题是.

The study should be repeated using"该研究应该重复使用......

This would be a fruitful area for further work.这将是进一步工作的一个富有成果的领域。

Several questions still remain to be answered.仍有几个问题有待回答

More research using controlled trials is needed to..更多使用对照试验的研究来..

More broadly,research is also needed to determine ..更广泛地说,还需要研究来确定.